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Based in Selly Oak, we supply leading name products like our VEKA French windows throughout Birmingham, the Midlands and beyond. We work with education, architecture, commercial and other sector clients as well as homeowners. Choose us for expert guidance or a quote for your business today.

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Why Choose Our French Windows?

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Consider our VEKA French windows for your project. In many cases, they are suitable as a fire escape thanks to their wide opening capacity. Learn more about the benefits of our premium quality French windows below.

Uninterrupted Views

The vertical centre piece is not fixed. This allows the French window to open fully for beautiful views and ventilation.

Inward Or Outward Opening

These French windows can open outward, a popular preference in the UK. Alternatively, you can request an inward opening for easy cleaning potential.

Energy Efficient

Our French windows offer impressive thermal performance, recorded by low U-values that meet all the necessary government legislation.


We source recyclable materials for our windows and doors. Choosing a PVCu French window won’t contribute to wasted material going to a landfill.

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Why Choose Howard Yarnold?

Since 1967, we’ve existed in Selly Oak as suppliers of premium quality windows and doors throughout Birmingham, the East and West Midlands and beyond. With extensive experience in the education and commercial sector, we’ve built up an excellent reputation within our local community.

Choose us for expert advice, a wide list of accreditations and outstanding customer service from start to finish. We offer bespoke solutions for every unique project. If you are interested in our supply of VEKA French windows, get in contact with a member of our team today.

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Transform Your Project

French windows like these are a popular choice. It’s easy to see why. Thermally efficient, wide opening and built to last, they are excellent replacement windows. If you work in the education sector or are an architect, you can transform your building with this aesthetically pleasing product.

We also work closely with homeowners. Consider this PVCu French window as a means to potentially bring value to your property. There are so many benefits to choose from. Contact our expert team to discuss how this product might work for you.

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For thermal performance, these French windows are an assured choice. They exceed government regulations. Choose these for a comfortable building temperature all year round.

Rustique- 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 0.95W/m2K (triple glazed).

System 10- 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 0.95W/m2K (triple glazed).

Matrix Fully Sculptured – 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 0.96W/m2K (triple glazed).

M70- 1.2W/m2K (double glazed), 0.86W/m2K (triple glazed).

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We’ve listed the maximum sash sizes for Rustique, System 10, Matrix Fully Sculptured and M70 French windows below:

Top hung: 1400mm (w) x 1400mm (h) Side hung: 800mm (w) x 1550mm (h) Fixed light: 3000mm (w) x 3000mm (h).

Mullions are available in 70mm or 95mm for our Rustique, System 10 and Matrix Fully Sculptured windows. The M70 system has 68mm or 82mm mullions.

If you’d like to discuss window specifications for your project, please get in touch.

Latest Projects

View some of our latest projects around Birmingham and further afield. We work across multiple sectors and with homeowners to build better, brighter futures.

Profile Systems

French windows, like casement windows, are available in several high performing systems from VEKA. Fully sculptured, modern bevelled and multi chambered options all have the potential to turn your building project into something exceptional. Our windows are well suited for both homeowners and our education and commercial sector customers.

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Textured Glass

Request windows with glass that suits your individual needs. These French windows have glazing options to suit a variety of purposes.

If you’re looking for high levels of transparency, options such as Flemish or Warwick glass bring style to a building without any loss of light. On the other end of the scale, obscured glass options like Arctic and Stippolyte offer high levels of privacy.

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Secure Hardware

The VEKA range of French windows comes with a wide range of handles. These contain easy to operate buttons and locking mechanisms to protect the building from any break in attempts. Meeting industry leading standards, the windows meet PAS 24 standards for security. You can install these as part of your project with the knowledge that they offer excellent protection.

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We offer French windows that can be colour customised to suit traditional and contemporary styles. Consider Slate Grey for an architectural look suited for modern offices. Alternatively, Irish Oak or Rosewood could be perfect for heritage styled education sector buildings. Please get in touch to discuss our full colour availability for our French windows.

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