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Curtain Walling

Based in Selly Oak, Birmingham, we supply curtain walling to the commercial sector. Whether you are in the education sector or an architect, our curtain walling is available for supply and installation throughout the Midlands and beyond. Request a quote or learn some more information about this product today.

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Visually Stunning

Why Choose Our Curtain Walling?

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Curtain walling is an excellent solution for high rise offices and large multi storey buildings. Our curtain walling is easy to install, energy efficient and stunning to view once finished.

Meets Regulations

Working with leading manufacturers, our curtain walling complies with the very strict requirements of commercial sector buildings.

Innovative Shapes and Sizes

This curtain walling is made from versatile aluminium and can be requested and composed in many shapes in sizes. Contact us with any bespoke specifications you may have.

Weather Protection

Curtain walling offers weather protection, resisting air and water infiltration. For commercial buildings, you can use this as an attractive weatherproofing measure.

Ideal Solar Levels

Our curtain walling regulates the amount of heat provided by natural sunlight. Due to clever engineering, your building should never be too hot or too cold.

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Why Choose Howard Yarnold?

We provide a bespoke service for our commercial sector clients. As experts you can trust, we’ll match you with high performance products like our curtain walling with your project and individual needs in mind.

We’ve existed since 1967 and have plenty of experience from projects all over Birmingham and the Midlands. Choose to trade with us and join us on our mission to transform the glazing industry. We build for better, brighter futures.

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Perfect For Commercial Application

Whether you are in the education sector looking to refurbish a large academy building or your project is a multi storey office, our curtain walling supply can suit your needs. We provide cost effective and simple to install products to our sector clients.

Our curtain walling can withstand thermal expansion and is a suitable barrier to wind and rain. We also source sustainable aluminium that can be fully recycled. Choosing a modern and high performing product like this means you’ll reap the benefits all year round.

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We’ve listed the performance ratings of our curtain walling types below.

Tental- 1500 Pa (air permeability), 1500 Pa (water tightness), 2000 Pa (service pressure), 3000 Pa (impact pressure), I5/E5 (impact resistance).
Geode MX 52- fully in accordance with European and CWST standards

Spinal MY 62- 1500Pa (air permeability), RE 1200 Pa (water tightness), 2400 Pa (wind resistance), I5/E5 (impact resistance).

Elegance 52- A4 (air tightness), RE 1200 Pa (water tightness), 3000 Pa (wind resistance), I5/E5 (impact resistance).



Our curtain walling is designed to support large spans of glazing.

Tental- glass volume up to 6m2, max weight up to 600kg, glass infill up to 62mm.

Geode MX 52- glass volume up to 6m2, max weight up to 400kg, glass infill up to 42mm.

Spinal MY 62- glass volume up to 12m2, max weight up to 680kg, glass infill up to 61mm.

Please get in contact with our team for a complete list of specifications for our curtain walling.

Latest Projects

View our latest projects in Birmingham, the Midlands and beyond. We’ve provided curtain walling to Worcester Sixth Form College, Beakbane Ltd and many other clients in both the education and commercial sectors.

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This aluminium façade is an attractive building solution. Get creative and install large glazing units without making an environmental impact. Tental curtain walling is available as both 50mm and 60mm units.

Feature cap, horizontal and vertical line and flat cap configurations are all available. Better yet, this curtain walling can support heavy glazed units due to its efficient load distribution.

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Geode MX 52

This range of curtain walling meets the trickiest of building regulations. Our architect sector clients should consider this for its fusion of functionality and visual potential. Every glazed unit can be easily installed in a varied style.

A range of external caps offers greater choice while maintaining consistent quality. These all provide minimal sightlines that maximise bright natural sunlight.

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Spinal MY 62

We’d recommend this curtain walling range for its beautiful aesthetics and the comfortable temperature it can provide for your building project. A variety of styles are available, including sloped glazing. Choose this to create inline roofs and pyramid structures.

Several of the configurations can be upgraded. Spinal systems are compatible with a building management system that can reduce harmful greenhouse gases.

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Elegance 52

A contemporary curtain walling system that is every bit efficient as it is stunning to view. Thermally broken, the structure controls heat levels with ease. In addition, four drainage profiles and EPDM internal glazing gaskets make this curtain walling highly energy efficient.

Choose bull nose, rectangular and aerofoil cover caps for creative control. Different combinations have the power to transform your commercial sector building.

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