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Based in Selly Oak, we supply VEKA French doors all over Birmingham, the Midlands and further afield. We connect with our commercial and residential customers, with previous projects in the education, architecture, and surveying sector. We’ll transform your project with fantastic products like our French doors- request a quote or learn more information below.

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Stunning Natural Light

Why Choose Our French Doors?

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Whether you are looking to fit French doors for a heritage styled office or home, consider these for bright natural light and security for your building.

Versatile Design

If you’re in the commercial sector or a homeowner, these French doors come in a variety of designs. They’ll suit most building types.

Brighter Interiors

Transform your building interior with high performance glazing. Our French doors maximise on glass for beautiful views and natural light.

Timber Appearance

Mimicking a timber door, these PVCu doors are every bit if not more efficient than classic wood. Capture the charm of a traditional French door by considering this product.

Built to Last

PVCu is made to be durable. By choosing these French doors, you’ll be selecting a door that can withstand warping, rot, and extreme weather.

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Why Choose Howard Yarnold?

We’re well experienced suppliers of windows and doors. Since 1967, we’ve given advice and helped transform buildings into better and more sustainable projects. We work with clients in the education, architecture, commercial and other sectors along with homeowners.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, get in touch with a member of our team in Selly Oak, Birmingham. We offer excellent customer service, no labour outsourcing and we’ll work with your best interests in mind from start to finish.

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Choice of Profile

For our range of VEKA French window types, you can request a 70mm bevelled or sculptured frame. Both choices offer a distinctive look that will bring character to your project.
The bevelled frame, otherwise known as chamfered, meets the glazing with a straight angled edge. This creates a sharp style that is well suited for modern buildings.

The sculptured frame is curved and functions well as a traditional styled French window. With a woodgrain foil, the profile looks just like a traditional timber window.

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Thermal Performance

We’ve listed the thermal performance our French doors achieve below. These doors have been designed to provide natural light as well as a comfortable building temperature all year round.

Halo Rustique: 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 1.0W/m2K (triple glazed).

Halo System 10: 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 1.1W/m2K (triple glazed).

VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured: 1.4W/m2K (double glazed), 1.1W/m2K (triple glazed).

VEKA M70: 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 0.98W/m2K (triple glazed).

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Our Halo Rustique, Halo System 10, VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured and VEKA M70 doors have the following listed sash sizes:

Maximum sash size: All window types are 1122mm (w) x 2122mm (h).
Outer frame sizes: Halo

Rustique (56mm, 72mm, 84mm), Halo System 10 (56mm, 72mm, 84mm), VEKA

Matrix Fully Sculptured (56mm, 70mm, 85mm), M70 (55mm, 67mm, 80mm).
Please get in contact if you’d like to discuss how these French window dimensions could fit into your project.

Latest Projects

See some of our latest projects in and around Birmingham and the Midlands. We supply French doors and quality glazing to build better, brighter futures.

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Halo Rustique French Doors

The Rustique range of French doors is aptly named for their traditional look. They are a welcome addition to any heritage styled property, such as a listed building or country cottage.

Customise the French doors’ glazing, colours and style to perfectly match your project. This range is highly versatile. You can fit these into a building with specifications that not only match, but transform the building into something beautiful.

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Halo System 10 French Doors

This range of VEKA French doors is engineered with a modern, high performance profile. They are a 70mm system built with a modern bevelled design.

Choose inward or outward opening French doors for your next project. They’ve been designed for functionality, suiting any building types. Whether you are in the architecture or surveying sector, these doors are a great consideration.

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VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured French Doors

The VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured range is fully customisable, durable and energy efficient. They are well suited for use in garden offices or residential buildings.

Highly secure, you can choose these doors with the peace of mind that they are protected with modern security hardware and locking systems. Their PVCu profile is durable and weather resistant. They are not likely ever needed to be replaced.

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VEKA M70 French Doors

VEKA M70 French doors are thermally efficient, with beautiful modern aesthetics. Consider placing these in a building where you aim to have lots of natural light and warmth.

French doors are renowned for their classic style. This modern range of doors can be customised to transform any building type. We’d highly recommend this, or any of our VEKA French doors for their versatility and beautiful aesthetics.

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