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Secondary Glazing

Based in Selly Oak, we install top quality secondary glazing for education, architecture, commercial sectors and residential properties all over Birmingham, the Midlands and beyond. Get in touch for a quote or learn more about our supply.

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Brighter, Warmer Glazing

Why Choose Our Secondary Glazing?


We’re proud to offer tailor made secondary glazing for your office, private sector building or home. Learn just a few reasons why these are a great consideration and a reason to get in contact today.

Reduces Heat Loss

We supply and install secondary glazing designed to reduce draughts and maximise energy efficiency. It’s one of the most thermally efficient forms of glazing.

Acoustic Reduction

Our secondary glazing has been tested extensively for acoustic performance. It can achieve an impressive reduction of 45 dB for a much more comfortable working and living space.

Range of Window Types

We can provide secondary glazing in a wide range of formats. It’s available as shaped sliding sash units, bay windows, bifolds and more. Get in touch to discuss options.

Tidy, Attractive Design

This secondary glazing has a streamlined design and is highly aesthetically pleasing. It fits into units smoothly and can tidily blend with the existing feel of the building.


Why Choose Howard Yarnold?

We’re building for better, brighter futures. With products like our secondary glazing, we’re well on our way to achieving our goal of transforming the double glazing industry. Choose us for our excellent reputation and comprehensive customer service.

We’ve existed since 1967, with our current base in Selly Oak. We’ve worked all over Birmingham and the Midlands for decades, becoming reliable experts in the building industry. Get in touch with our team today to discuss options for your project.

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Perfect For The Education & Commercial Sectors

We supply and install top quality secondary glazing for a wide range of sectors in Birmingham, the Midlands and beyond. If you’re looking for glazing that is thermally efficient, reduces noise and is cost effective, we’d highly recommend this product.

Schools, including secondary education and college, can benefit from glass that performs in the cold winter all the way through to the summer holidays. Our architect clients can also rely on this glazing as it is available in so many stunning designs.

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What Colours Are Available?

We understand how the perfect solution, precision engineered and expertly fitted, can bring light and life to a built environment – transform it into something more beautiful, more sustainable, more secure.

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Does The Glazing Provide Security?

Secondary glazing has the potential to act as an additional barrier in ways that traditionally single glazed windows cannot. It is a sturdy form of window which can offer your building all the protection it needs.

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What Window Types Are Available?

We work with Seasonmaster and can provide our secondary glazing in a wide range of window & door types. These include shaped, bay, vertical slider, panel, two/ three/ four panel, tilt vertical slider and fly screen windows. Bifold doors are another potential secondary glazing type.

Latest Projects

View our latest projects in Birmingham and further afield. We’ve provided secondary glazing for offices, schools and commercial sector clients all over. Contact us today to get your project started.


Thermally Efficient Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing is one of the most tried and tested means of providing your building with insulation. Where a large proportion of heat is lost through windows and doors, secondary glazing can act as an efficient barrier.

To illustrate, single glazed windows typically have a U-value of 5.6W/m2K. Our secondary glazing can reduce this to 1.8W/m2K, well over double the effectiveness of traditional windows. Keep all users of your building warm with our brilliant glazing solutions.

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Sound Reduction Overview

This secondary glazing reduces acoustic reduction with a 100mm air gap between the glass panes. A range of glazing thicknesses is available for all our units. From 4mm up to tough acoustic glass, the reduction in dB increases based on the type you request.

As an approximation, an estimated 75% of outside noise can be reduced with our glass units; these test results were carried out at a BRE. If your workplace or education building is near an airport or busy road, this is a brilliant consideration to make your building somewhere easier to focus in.

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Reduces Draughts & Cold Spots

It’s important to keep your learning or working environment warm and comfortable for staff and pupils. Our secondary glazing is designed to keep cold air from entering the building. It’s been tested to BS 5368 and BS 6375 standards achieving Class 300 Pa.

For any buildings where you may rely on air conditioning frequently, this secondary glazing can reduce the amount you need to use it. It will retain cool air just as efficiently as warm heat. Get in touch for a quote for our all round performance glazing today.

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