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We’re long established suppliers of VEKA PVCu entrance doors based in Selly Oak. We connect with commercial and residential customers throughout Birmingham, the Midlands and beyond. Whether you are in the education sector, an architect or a surveyor, we work with a long list of clients to build better, brighter futures.

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Why Choose Our PVCu Doors?

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We offer cost effective front door solutions for your projects. Our PVCu doors are sustainable, easy to upkeep and thermally efficient. Learn more here.

Variety of Styles

These PVCu doors come in styles to suit contemporary and traditional property designs. Configure them in a design that works for you.

Sustainable PVCu

PVCu is reusable. Prevent waste from going to a landfill by choosing a material that can be recycled for a new life as another product.

Glazing Options

There is customisation from the door’s style to bespoke glazing with these PVCu windows. Choose gorgeous textures and patterns for privacy and style.

Thermal Performance

Designed to reduce draughts, our PVCu doors offer superior thermal performance. Use these to keep the building interior as warm as possible.

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Why Choose Howard Yarnold?

Choose us to assist you. We’re long established and have gathered decades of industry experience throughout Birmingham and the Midlands. We work with education, architecture, and construction sectors as trusted partners.

Our mission is to build better, brighter futures. We’ll take your specifications and advise you with solutions suited to you as an individual. Every building project is different. That’s why our highly trained customer service team will take your needs into account and only supply information that is relevant to you.

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Versatile And Built To Last

A massive benefit of our VEKA door range is its versatility. All doors can be customised to your exact specifications. In this way, they won’t simply be a replacement door; they’ll be a door to transform your project.

We provide solutions to build beautiful homes and buildings.
Our PVCu doors are also much stronger than traditional doors of the past. As a result, they’ll last longer and likely won’t need to be replaced. We’d advise that the range of doors we supply is a long term and environmentally friendly solution for your project.

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The Variations and Spectral range of colour is available across the majority of our VEKA PVCu entrance door types. Please note that the Spectral range is only available on doors with flat or bevelled surfaces.

Choose from a range of fantastic colours and woodgrains to match your PVCu doors with the rest of the building.

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Door Sizes

Maximum Sash Sizes- Halo Rustique (1122mm w x 2122 h), Halo System 10 (1122mm w x 2122 h), Matrix Fully Sculptured (1122mm w x 2122 h), VEKA M70 (1122mm w x 2122 h).

Outer frames- Halo Rustique (56mm, 72mm and 84mm), Halo System 10 (56mm, 72mm and 84mm), Matrix Fully Sculptured (56mm, 70mm and 85mm), VEKA M70 (55mm, 67mm and 80mm).

Please get in contact directly if you would like to discuss specifications for your project.

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Thermal Performance

We’ve listed the U-values of each of our VEKA PVCu door types below for your reference.

Halo Rustique- 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 1.0W/m2K (triple glazed).

Halo System 10- 1.3W/m2K (double glazed), 1.1W/m2K (triple glazed).

VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured- 1.4W/m2K (double glazed), 1.1W/m2K (triple glazed).

VEKA M70- 1.4W/m2K (double glazed), 0.98W/m2K (triple glazed).

Latest Projects

See some of our latest projects around Birmingham, the Midlands and further afield. We transform commercial and residential projects with our sustainable products.

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Halo Rustique PVCu Doors

With Part M low threshold access, this door provides excellent accessibility options. This is useful where the door works as an entrance to a building with frequent usage.

We’d suggest this door works well for a building with a heritage look and feel. The colour, style and glazing can match a time gone by aesthetic and create stunning kerb appeal.

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Halo System 10 PVCu Doors

Consider these stylish inward or outward opening doors for your next project. They are designed with comprehensive security features and a choice of glazing options.

The integrated 70mm multi bevelled profile is impressive to view. Better yet, these doors have been tested for performance under extreme weather conditions. They are built to last.

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VEKA Matrix Fully Sculptured PVCu Doors

The Matrix Fully Sculptured range is a sturdy entrance door for our residential and commercial customers. Made from recyclable PVCu, these doors look like just like timber.

Another similarity is how much warmth they provide. Heat transfer is significantly reduced. With this model, you can prevent a loss of warm air from escaping and effectively keep costs down.

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VEKA M70 PVCu Doors

We choose to supply PVCu doors from leading name manufacturers that suit all building types. That’s why we’ve found the versatile VEKA M70 door to be a favourite of our clients.

Cleanly designed and with the potential to customise in 18 colours, this PVCu door can suit anything from offices to homes and more.

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