Fire Frame Windows & Doors

Howard Yarnold Windows & Doors Ltd are now manufacturing fire frame windows and doors, the framing will achieve 30 min integrity and 30 min insulation

Protection Systems

The threats that buildings and their occupants need to be protected from is apparent in our everyday news, be it the unpleasant face of terrorism or the unexpected accidents that occur at oil and gas sites such as the Buncefield depot.
When it comes to protecting buildings and personnel from any risk, be it blast, security, bullet or fire, Sapa Building Systems’ range of doors, windows and curtain walling provide the most suitable visual, practical and technical solution.
At Sapa Building Systems we have built an unrivalled range of products that offer an effective line of defence in the event of a building coming under deliberate or accidential threat. By introducing this protection into a building’s design specification you are providing the best possible protection to buildings and, most importantly, the people that work in them.
The breadth of our range is unique which ultimately means that you will not have to compromise at any stage of your design nor look to multiple suppliers to satisfy your design’s ultimate requirements