By their very design and construction all Howard Yarnold windows offer excellent security.

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Aluminium Frames

By their very design and construction all Howard Yarnold windows offer excellent security. Made from Sapa aluminium profiles, they are extremely rigid to resist distortion and bending and are made from a material which is considerably stronger than PVCu and doesn’t need additional re-enforcement.

The double-glazed sealed units are fixed in place by high-security glazing beads which makes it extremely difficult to remove the glass and reach the window handle. Optional security glazing clips making de-glazing virtually impossible.

Colour Choices


Aluminium windows come in a huge range of colour choices – you can even choose one colour for the inside and one for the outside; they’re tailor-made for you to match your home or commercial premises.

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You have a choice of appearance when it comes to the opening windows (or vents), but whichever style you choose it won’t look very attractive to a burglar. They are designed so the opening vents close flush against the window frame which, with the low expansion and contraction rates of the Howard Yarnold window, leaves no gaps which can be used to prise the window open.

In addition, for each style of vent, there is a high security locking system deigned to suit it. Choose from the Monalock II locking system or one of the many others available such as Saracen and Roto. So, which ever vent you like the look of, you can rest assured that your windows are always safe and secure.

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Howard Yarnold work with a range of leading aluminium window manufacturers – offering the best products to our customers using the latest technology and security systems..


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