Whatever the style of your home  or commercial premises, Howard Yarnold offers a wide choice of window and door configurations, sizes and colours.

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Howard Yarnold windows are made from Veka profile and will add a distinctive look to homes of any age or style. The elegant, slim line, maintenance-free frames – with attractive soft line profiles that combine traditional looks with the best modern materials – will make your rooms lighter and brighter.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing windows with a matching style – or to create a new look for your home, the wide range of designs, styles and options to choose from Howard Yarnold is just the beginning. Whatever the style of your home, Howard Yarnold offers a wide choice of window and door configurations, sizes and colours as well as a choice of matching and contrasting hardware, offers you a fantastic choice of windows and doors. And you can rest assured that it will last and stay looking good whilst remaining safe and secure.



Our UPVC windows are ideal for commercial use as well as residential. The double-glazed windows are thermally insulated to minimise heat loss and make them comfortable to the touch. They reduce external noise and help eliminate draughts. With their inherent strength and our special locking systems, you will feel comfortable and secure.

There is a wide range of window styles. The opening windows can be hinged at the side or the top and sash fittings are also available. Glass options include Georgian, leaded and decorative.

Howard Yarnold also offers a repair service and secondary glazing.

Colour Choices


UPVC windows come in a huge range of colour choices – you can even choose one colour for the inside and one for the outside; they’re tailor-made for you to match your home or commercial premises.

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Unfortunately, these days, style and elegance mean nothing unless they are combined with security. Howard Yarnold Windows offer the perfect combination.

Whether you are at home or not, you can rest assured that you have chosen a system that is an effective deterrent to unwanted ‘guests’.
Not only will they deter the opportunist but also offer a highly secure barrier against the most determined burglar.

The double-glazed sealed units are fixed in place using high security glazing beads which makes them extremely difficult to de-glaze and virtually impossible to do so if optional security glazing chip are fitted.

The slim line, maintenance-free frames are extremely rigid. Using a material which is considerably stronger than uPVC, they are resistant to distortion and bending and require no additional reinforcement.

Add one of our state-of-the-art locking systems, featuring locking bolts which locate into opposite sides of the frame every time you operate the handle and you have a new generation of windows that will keep burglars at bay and keep their looks and smooth operation into the next generation and beyond.

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Howard Yarnold work with a range of leading UPVC manufacturers – offering the best products to our customers using the latest technology and security systems.


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